Western Navajo Reservation: Navajo, Hopi, and Paiute Census 1933 Rolls, With Birth and Death Rolls, 1925-1933


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These transcriptions were taken from National Archival film M-595, Roll 644, Indian Census Rolls 1933 (Navajo, Hopi and Paiute Indians), with Birth and Death Rolls, 1925-1933. The book begins with an explanation of how to read the census and use the key at the top of each page. The original 1933 census data was arranged in columns with categories at the top of each column; however, in this transcription semicolons are used instead of columns to save space. The 1933 census provides the following information on each individual: census number, surname, given name, sex, year of birth, age at last birthday, tribe, degree of blood (F=full, ›=half), marital status, relationship to head of family, whether at jurisdiction where enrolled (yes/no), whether a ward, and allotment annuity and/or identification number. The census starts with the Navajo, the largest of the three tribes, then the Hopi, and lastly the Paiute. All persons enumerated in the census are numbered consecutively, despite the change in tribal affiliation.


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