Eastern Cherokee by Blood, 1906-1910. Volume IX


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Between May 1905 and April 1907, the U.S. Supreme Court authorized the Secretary of the Interior to identify the descendants of Eastern Cherokees entitled to participate in the distribution of more than $1 million authorized by Congress. On May 28, 1909, Mr. Guion Miller, representing the Interior Department, submitted his findings with respect to 45,847 separate applications for compensation (totaling about 90,000 individual claimants).Volume IX of this series represents just under 4,000 of such applications. Mr. Bowen culled every shred of genealogical value from the applications, which in every case provides the application number, applicantÔÇÖs name and city of residence, number of other persons in the applicantÔÇÖs family, references to family members found in other applications, and the disposition of the application.


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