American Source Records in England


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Of the dozen or so books included on this Family Archive CD, the majority deal with wills and administrations of people who either died in America leaving property in England or who are mentioned in a will that was proved in an English court–often the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), which had jurisdiction in most matters affecting the personal estates of English subjects dying overseas. During the colonial period, in particular, thousands of Englishmen who had emigrated to America died while still in possession of assets in England. While several other books included on this CD deal with church records, ships’ passenger lists, and other source records, those books treating wills and administrations showing American connections are paramount in English genealogical research, as they establish proof of family connections between England and America, closing the gap between generations and continents. System Requirements: You must have a CD-ROM drive, and in order to read the CD you must use either the Family Archive Viewer (version 4.0 or higher), which is available as a free download at, or Family Tree Maker for Windows, version 4.0 or higher (Family Tree Maker software can be ordered from


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