The Annals and History of Henrico Parish


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By 1634, when Henrico became one of the eight original Virginia shires, its boundaries encompassed present-day Chesterfield and Powhatan counties on the south of the James River, and Goochland County on the north. Henrico’s parish lines were co-terminus with the county and originally embraced the entire valley of the James River and westward. The early records of the parish are fragmentary, but enough exists to reward the careful investigations of the historian and genealogist. In this work are recorded the names of above 10,000 persons who appear in lists of communicants, marriages, baptisms, burials, and inscriptions. Most of this data derives from records of the 19th century, with some fragmentary records of an earlier date. Included are: marriages from Henrico County court records, 1682-1791 (incomplete); marriages from church registers, 1815-1903; baptisms, 1815-1903; inscriptions; and communicants (post 1860).


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