Searching for Scotch-Irish Roots in Scottish Records, 1600-1750


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The aim of this groundbreaking book is to identify source material in Scottish libraries and archives that could enable people of Scotch-Irish (Scots-Irish) ancestry (i.e., the Ulster Scots) to locate their Scottish roots. Mr. Dobson provides detailed descriptions of the diverse record types available in Scottish libraries and archives, such as Presbytery (church) records, Apprentice (Burgh) records, Consistorial Processes and Decreet (court) records, Registers of Sasines (government records), and Family and Estate Papers (Private & Miscellaneous Records). Besides identifying the key records for making the leap from America or Ulster to Scotland, the author equips the researcher with a number of important tools for maximizing his/her efforts. These include a glossary and list of abbreviations, a list of family history societies in South-West Scotland, bibliographies of family histories and local histories concerned with South Western Scotland, and a general bibliography.


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