Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Patriot, 1820-1824


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The “Baltimore Patriot & Mercantile Advertiser” was published from 1817 through 1838. The work at hand is a faithful transcription of the marriage and death notices found in the Patriot for the years 1820 through 1824. Typically, the marriage notices include the date of the marriage ceremony and the names of the bride, groom, and officiating minister, sometimes including the place of the marriage, father of the bride or groom, or occupation of the groom. The death notices usually include the name of the deceased, date and place of death, and age of the deceased, sometimes also including the cause of death, names of surviving husbands and parents, number of surviving children, occupation of the deceased, circumstances surrounding an unusual death, date and location of the funeral, place of burial, religious affiliation, or other personal information. Many death notices include eulogies, shedding light upon the customs and mores prevailing in Baltimore at the time.


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