“Death Seem’d to Stare”: The New Hampshire and Rhode Island Regiments at Valley Forge


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“Death Seem’d to Stare” marks Joseph Lee Boyle’s third book honoring the identities of the heroes of the six-month encampment at Valley Forge in 1777-1778. The core of this book consists of an alphabetical list in excess of 2,500 New Hampshire and Rhode Island soldiers abstracted from Revolutionary War muster and payrolls. Each patriot is identified by name, rank, date, and term of enlistment or commission, names of regiment and company, and a variety of supporting details, such as date of furlough or discharge, when wounded, when and where promoted, etc. In support of the abstracts, the author has prepared a detailed glossary of terms found in the rosters, an explanatory list of locations referred to in the entries, and a lengthy, up-to-date bibliography.


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