A Directory of British Peerages


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his book identifies all past and present holders of British peerages–Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, and Barons–and is the first such work to be arranged in one continuous alphabetical sequence by both titles and surnames. So, it is a quick and convenient means of discovering whether or when a peerage existed, the surname of the individual who held or continues to hold it, his rank and nationality, and the approximate period of the peerage’s tenure and its final fate, if no longer extant. In this consolidated list the reader can locate both the peerage title with the names of the families or individuals bearing the title, and the names of families or individuals with the title and date of the peerage. Under titles, peerages are listed in chronological order of creation, along with promotions, ranks, period covered, etc., while under surnames there is a listing of titles in alphabetical order with similar information.


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