Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill out our contact form with questions you may have about how to use the site.

Q: How does the search work on the site?

A: If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, the search fields are on the left sidebar. All searches originate from this sidebar. As you select databases to search, the search box is automatically pre-populated with certain search criteria, based on your selection. If you are searching on an iPad or a mobile device, all search results appear above the search box. To perform another search, enter your search criteria in the box below your previous search results.

Q: How do your communities work?

A: As a registered user, you may add communities for surnames and locations. You may also follow already established communities. In these communities, you can share information, leave comments and see who else is interested in the particular communities.

Q: How do I invite others to use the site?

A: You need to be logged in through Facebook to be able to invite your Facebook friends.

Q: How do I share what I find on the site?

A: Every name and location in our database is featured on an individual page. Each page has its own SHARE buttons for Facebook and Twitter.