Found 24 results in the 1940 US Census
Wanda Halvorsen (Female)
Birth: 1930
Birth Place: Minnesota
County: Aitkin
Residence: Swatara, Aitkin, Minnesota
Wanda Halvorsen (Female)
Birth: 1919
Birth Place: Washington
County: Snohomish
Residence: Rt 1 Route 1
Glenwood E Prec, Snohomish, Washington
Wanda Lee Helfrich (Female)
Birth: 1940
Birth Place: Illinois
County: Lee
Residence: 90 Dixon Township, Lee, Illinois
Wanda H Holvorson (Female)
Birth: 1915
Birth Place: Illinois
County: Cook
Residence: 3804 Altgeld Street
Chicago City, Cook, Illinois
Wanda Helfrich (Female)
Birth: 1916
Birth Place: Nebraska
County: Cook
Residence: 716 Grace
Cook, Illinois
Wanda Helphrey (Female)
Birth: 1926
Birth Place: Iowa
County: Dallas
Residence: 1718 Otley Ave
Perry City, Dallas, Iowa
Wanda F Helphrey (Female)
Birth: 1929
Birth Place: Iowa
County: Henry
Residence: 118 Canaan Township, Henry, Iowa
Wanda D Halvorson (Female)
Birth: 1940
Birth Place: Montana
County: Daniels
Residence: School District 3, Daniels, Montana
Wanda Halford (Female)
Birth: 1935
Birth Place: Missouri
County: Ozark
Residence: Bayou Township, Ozark, Missouri
Wanda Fay Hallford (Female)
Birth: 1934
Birth Place: Texas
County: Bailey
Residence: Bula, Bailey, Texas

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Wanda Halverson (Female)
Birth: 1937
Birth Place: South Dakota
County: Lyman
Residence: Township 103 Range 75, Lyman, South Dakota
Wanda Helfer (Female)
Birth: 1917
Birth Place: Pennsylvania
County: Westmoreland
Residence: 26 Jameson As Port Of Slickville, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
Wanda S Hallford (Female)
Birth: 1931
Birth Place: Oklahoma
County: Hutchinson
Residence: 2508 Phillips Camp B
Phillips, Hutchinson, Texas
Wanda Fae Hallford (Female)
Birth: 1935
Birth Place: Texas
County: Jefferson
Residence: 1717 16th Street
Port Arthur, Jefferson, Texas
Edward W Halvorsen (Male)
Birth: 1903
Birth Place: New York
County: Litchfield
Residence: Box 172 Litchfield Road
Torrington City, Litchfield, Connecticut
Harold W Halvorsen (Male)
Birth: 1900
Birth Place: Illinois
County: Cook
Residence: Washington Boulevard
Cook, Illinois
Harry W Halvorsen (Male)
Birth: 1905
Birth Place: Illinois
County: Cook
Residence: 759 Kilbourn Avenue
Cook, Illinois
John W Halvorsen (Male)
Birth: 1892
Birth Place: Minnesota
County: Cook
Residence: 4517 W Lyndale
Cook, Illinois
Arthur W Halvorsen (Male)
Birth: 1921
Birth Place: Massachusetts
County: Middlesex
Residence: 72 Charnwood Rd
Medford City, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Henry W Halvorsen (Male)
Birth: 1888
Birth Place: Minnesota
County: Hennepin
Residence: 252 Queen Avenue
Minneapolis City, Hennepin, Minnesota
Bradley W Halvorsen (Male)
Birth: 1926
Birth Place: New Hampshire
County: Dutchess
Residence: Fisp St
Dutchess, New York
David W Halvorsen (Male)
Birth: 1933
Birth Place: Rhode Island
County: Providence
Residence: 44 Tallman Ave
Providence, Rhode Island
Wonda Hallford (Female)
Birth: 1935
Birth Place: Texas
County: Vernon
Residence: Ward 3, Vernon, Louisiana
Waunita Faye Halvorson (Female)
Birth: 1938
Birth Place: South Dakota
County: Brookings
Residence: Lake Sinai Twp, Brookings, South Dakota