Found 19 results in the 1940 US Census
Sim Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1856
Birth Place: Alabama
County: Russell
Residence: Cottonton Road
Election Precinct 10 Glennville, Russell, Alabama
Sammy Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1939
Birth Place: Alabama
County: Crenshaw
Residence: Road To Carmen And Veneer
Precinct 10, Crenshaw, Alabama
Sam Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1919
Birth Place: Alabama
County: Russell
Residence: Rutherford Road
E P 5 Hurtsboro, Russell, Alabama
Sam G Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1892
Birth Place: Texas
County: Wayne
Residence: Ecorse Road
Van Buren, Wayne, Michigan
Sam Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1905
Birth Place: Kentucky
County: Oldham
Residence: Oldham, Kentucky
Sam R Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1856
Birth Place: Mississippi
County: Humphreys
Residence: Louise Town, Humphreys, Mississippi
Sam Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1888
Birth Place: Texas
County: Hidalgo
Residence: Precinct 9, Hidalgo, New Mexico
Sammie Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1935
Birth Place: Tennessee
County: Shelby
Residence: 55 W Trigg Ave
Memphis City, Shelby, Tennessee
Hereell S Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1936
Birth Place: Arkansas
County: Monroe
Residence: Holly Grove Town, Monroe, Arkansas
Fannie S Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1890
Birth Place: Alabama
County: Barbour
Residence: 408 Eufaula Street
Eufaula, Barbour, Alabama

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Helen S Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1929
Birth Place: Florida
County: St Johns
Residence: 66 Saragossa Street
St Augustine, St Johns, Florida
James S Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1870
Birth Place: Georgia
County: Dade
Residence: 6021 N W 5 Ct
Miami City, Dade, Florida
Rachel S Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1889
Birth Place: Georgia
County: Fulton
Residence: 466 Techwood Drive
Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia
Mary S Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1924
Birth Place: Georgia
County: Dekalb
Residence: Cooledge Road
M D 1327 Clarkston, Dekalb, Georgia
Nadine S Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1900
Birth Place: Georgia
County: Coweta
Residence: 18 Kellogg Street
Newnan City, Coweta, Georgia
Nancy S Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1887
Birth Place: Missouri
County: Allen
Residence: Carlyle, Allen, Kansas
Ethel S Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1888
Birth Place: Georgia
County: Polk
Residence: Tryon, Polk, North Carolina
Ida S Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1861
Birth Place: Alabama
County: Pottawatomie
Residence: 321 Spark St
Shawnee City, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
Bobbie S Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1936
Birth Place: Texas
County: Upton
Residence: Mccamey City, Upton, Texas