Found 11 results in the 1940 US Census
Oscar Lee Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1906
Birth Place: Alabama
County: Jefferson
Residence: 1517 Woodland Avenue
Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama
Oscar Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1927
Birth Place: Alabama
County: Barbour
Residence: E J Comer Highway
Electron Precinct 1 Hawkinsville, Barbour, Alabama
Oscar Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1902
Birth Place: Florida
County: Orange
Residence: E Precinct 36, Orange, Florida
Oscar Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1940
Birth Place: Georgia
County: Laurens
Residence: Piney Mount Road Continued
Rural Section, Laurens, Georgia
Oscar Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1916
Birth Place: Texas
County: Blaine
Residence: Missouri Street
Chinook Town, Blaine, Montana
Wilbert O Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1888
Birth Place: Virginia
County: District Of Columbia
Residence: 758 Irving Street N W
Washington, District Of Columbia, District Of Columbia
Woodrow O Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1918
Birth Place: Georgia
County: Laurens
Residence: Pleasant Hill Road Continued
Rural Section, Laurens, Georgia
Earl O Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1890
Birth Place: Kansas
County: Mcpherson
Residence: 520 Maple
Mcpherson City, Mcpherson, Kansas
Roxana O Upshaw (Female)
Birth: 1938
Birth Place:
County: Yalobusha
Residence: T 25 R 6 E Beat 1, Yalobusha, Mississippi
I O Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1899
Birth Place: Missouri
County: Douglas
Residence: Cass Twp, Douglas, Missouri

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Joe O Upshaw (Male)
Birth: 1898
Birth Place: Alabama
County: Jackson
Residence: 16th St
Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri