Found 256 results in the Vietnam War - Deceased, Wounded, Ill or Injured 1961-1981
This series contains information about U.S. Army personnel and their dependents who died or were injured worldwide, including missing in action and prisoners of war. Approximately 85 percent of the records relate to the Vietnam War, 1961-1975. The file includes records for active duty enlisted personnel; general officers on active duty, retired, or otherwise separated from the service; some National Guard and Army Reservists; and some civilian employees and dependents if overseas and the casualty required a notification to someone. The records include: Country of Casualty, Category of Casualty, Master Casualty Number, Social Security or Service Number, Name of Casualty, Category of Personnel, Military Grade, Military Classification / Dependent, Current Casualty Status, Previous Casualty Status, Major Attributing Cause, Complimentary Cause, Vehicle Type Involved, Vehicle Position, Vehicle Ownership, Date of Casualty, Report Date, Province of Casualty, Grid Coordinates, Republic of Vietnam Report Control Number, Component, Military Occupational Specialty, Officer Branch, Source of Commission, Sex and Marital Status, Posthumous Promotion, Race, Religion, Home of Record, Birth Date, Major Organization, Date Commenced Tour or Retired or Separated, Previous Master Casualty Country, Previous Master Casualty Group, Adjustment Code, and Card-ID / Battle Determination. This data file contains duplicate records for some soldiers.
John Wesley Wilson (Male)
Casualty Date: 04-24-1971
Birth Place: Memphis Washington Or Tennessee
Grade/rank: Specialist 5
Donna Mae Wilcynski (Female)
Casualty Date: 04-12-1978
Birth Place: Rock Creek Rhode Island Or Ohio
Grade/rank: Specialist 5
Franklin J Willison
Casualty Date:
Birth Place:
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Larry J Wolosonowich
Casualty Date: 11-09-1968
Birth Place: Michigan Or Louisana
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Loyd M Willson
Casualty Date: 02-22-1968
Birth Place: Texas Or Puerto Rico
Grade/rank: Captain
Stephen Paul Welzenbach (Male)
Casualty Date: 01-05-1979
Birth Place: Uu