Found 211 results in the Vietnam War - Deceased, Wounded, Ill or Injured 1961-1981
This series contains information about U.S. Army personnel and their dependents who died or were injured worldwide, including missing in action and prisoners of war. Approximately 85 percent of the records relate to the Vietnam War, 1961-1975. The file includes records for active duty enlisted personnel; general officers on active duty, retired, or otherwise separated from the service; some National Guard and Army Reservists; and some civilian employees and dependents if overseas and the casualty required a notification to someone. The records include: Country of Casualty, Category of Casualty, Master Casualty Number, Social Security or Service Number, Name of Casualty, Category of Personnel, Military Grade, Military Classification / Dependent, Current Casualty Status, Previous Casualty Status, Major Attributing Cause, Complimentary Cause, Vehicle Type Involved, Vehicle Position, Vehicle Ownership, Date of Casualty, Report Date, Province of Casualty, Grid Coordinates, Republic of Vietnam Report Control Number, Component, Military Occupational Specialty, Officer Branch, Source of Commission, Sex and Marital Status, Posthumous Promotion, Race, Religion, Home of Record, Birth Date, Major Organization, Date Commenced Tour or Retired or Separated, Previous Master Casualty Country, Previous Master Casualty Group, Adjustment Code, and Card-ID / Battle Determination. This data file contains duplicate records for some soldiers.
Ralph Mearl Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 06-05-1981
Birth Place: Carlisle Tennessee Or Pennsylvania
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Richard William Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 12-26-1976
Birth Place: Uu
Grade/rank: Private E-2
Robert E Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 10-17-1979
Birth Place: Waynesboro Nevada Or Mississippi
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Sharon Roswelyn Clark (Female)
Casualty Date: 05-16-1976
Birth Place: Tyler West Virginia Or Texas
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Terry Lynn Clark (Female)
Casualty Date: 03-28-1978
Birth Place: Harvey Michigan Or Louisana
Terry Wayne Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 06-27-1978
Birth Place: Mccall Kansas Or Idaho
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Clarence Willard Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 05-20-1976
Birth Place: Cumberland Massachusetts Or Kentucky
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Darrell Mitchell Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 04-01-1978
Birth Place: Charlotte Oregon Or North Carolina
Grade/rank: Private E-2
Darrell Ray Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 06-04-1976
Birth Place: Paragould California Or Arkansas
Donald Leroy Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 02-19-1978
Birth Place: Mariposa Colorado Or California
Grade/rank: Staff Sergeant
Douglas Michael Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 05-06-1977
Birth Place: Dearborn Montana Or Michigan
Grade/rank: Warrant Officer, W1
Edward Eugene Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 10-25-1977
Birth Place: Sallisaw South Carolina Or Oklahoma
Grade/rank: Private E-1
Inf Male Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 01-01-1979
Birth Place: Delray Beach Idaho Or Florida
Jamie Lynn Clark (Female)
Casualty Date: 02-28-1978
Birth Place: Picayune Nevada Or Mississippi
Jay Joseph Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 02-03-1976
Birth Place: Albany Oklahoma Or New York
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Jean Ann M Clark (Female)
Casualty Date: 07-03-1975
Birth Place: La Center District Of Columbia Or Washington
Jesse Milbert Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 09-21-1976
Birth Place: Uu
Grade/rank: Staff Sergeant
John Robert Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 02-21-1978
Birth Place: Lompoc Colorado Or California
Grade/rank: Private First Class
John William Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 06-03-1975
Birth Place: Medford North Dakota Or New Jersey
Grade/rank: Private E-1
Lemuel Paul Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 01-20-1979
Birth Place: Lipan West Virginia Or Texas
Grade/rank: Sergeant First Class
Leroy Odell Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 03-28-1977
Birth Place: Chicago Kentucky Or Illinois
Grade/rank: Chief Warrant Officer, W2
Malcolm Jay Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 11-19-1977
Birth Place: Omaha Minnesota Or Maine
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Orland Rasey Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 09-22-1975
Birth Place: Kansas City Maryland Or Kansas
Grade/rank: Captain
Andrew Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 06-12-1976
Birth Place: Vicksburg Nevada Or Mississippi
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Charles Lendsie Sr Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 12-21-1975
Birth Place: Claxton Illinois Or Georgia
Grade/rank: Specialist 5
Inf Male Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 01-26-1975
Birth Place: San Jose Colorado Or California
Inf Male Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 05-07-1974
Birth Place: Farmington Montana Or Michigan
Elias Clyde Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 11-04-1974
Birth Place: Uu
Grade/rank: Staff Sergeant
Herman Porter Jr Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 09-09-1973
Birth Place: Lawton South Carolina Or Oklahoma
Grade/rank: Staff Sergeant
Frank Sheldon Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 02-06-1975
Birth Place: Uu
Grade/rank: Brigadier General
Carroll Floyd Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 10-05-1973
Birth Place: Clinton Minnesota Or Maine
Grade/rank: Specialist 7
Tommie Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 05-20-1974
Birth Place: Mullins Vermont Or South Carolina
Grade/rank: Private E-2
Jesse Donald Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 03-14-1974
Birth Place: Detroit Montana Or Michigan
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Ronald Manuel Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 11-01-1973
Birth Place: Columbus Rhode Island Or Ohio
Grade/rank: Private E-1
Richard D Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 06-23-1974
Birth Place: Hoffman Estates Kentucky Or Illinois
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Jerry Prosper Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 10-26-1973
Birth Place: Davenport Maine Or Iowa
Grade/rank: Chief Warrant Officer, W3
Porta Joree Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 07-14-1973
Birth Place: Merigold Nevada Or Mississippi
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Chalmas E Clark
Casualty Date: 04-21-1968
Birth Place:
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Charles Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 07-28-1971
Birth Place: Sumter Vermont Or South Carolina
Grade/rank: Staff Sergeant
Bobby G Clark
Casualty Date: 04-11-1969
Birth Place:
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Bobby Ray Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 12-24-1972
Birth Place: Brownwood West Virginia Or Texas
Grade/rank: Sergeant First Class
Bradley E Clark
Casualty Date: 04-04-1968
Birth Place: New Jersey Or Montana
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Bradley R Clark
Casualty Date: 05-08-1968
Birth Place: New York Or Nevada
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Bruce A Clark
Casualty Date: 01-21-1969
Birth Place: Rhode Island Or Ohio
Grade/rank: Specialist 4
Burt K Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 08-13-1970
Birth Place:
Grade/rank: Master Sergeant
Barry E Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 12-12-1970
Birth Place:
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Anthony L Clark
Casualty Date: 05-22-1970
Birth Place:
Grade/rank: Private First Class
Albert Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 07-01-1972
Birth Place: Charleston Vermont Or South Carolina
Grade/rank: Staff Sergeant
Alan Douglas Clark (Male)
Casualty Date: 12-18-1971
Birth Place: Des Moines Maine Or Iowa
Grade/rank: Private E-1
Cora M Clark (Female)
Casualty Date: 06-01-1972
Birth Place: Augusta Illinois Or Georgia