The People of the Scottish Burghs: Greenock, 1600-1799


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This is another volume in a series of records pertaining to the inhabitants of Scottish towns and cities in the 17th and 18th centuries, any number of whom or whose progeny ultimately made contact with the New World. Like the earlier books in this series, it does not claim to be exhaustive for the years under investigation; instead it captures some of the town’s inhabitants and illustrates the kinds of records that are available for the period. Dr. Dobson has arranged the burghers alphabetically and has unfailingly given the individualÔÇÖs occupation, an identifying date, and his source. In numerous instances he has also extracted supplementary information, variously consisting of date of birth; name of spouse, children, and/or parents; name of ship traveled on; date of will; etc., in the process amassing thousands of significant leads for genealogists.


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