The Loyalists in Ontario


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In the years following the close of the American Revolutionary War, there was a special provision that made the children of the Loyalists who settled in Ontario eligible for land grants free of fees as they came of age or married. The compiler of this work extracted from the Canadian Orders-in-Council thousands of references to the land grants made to these sons and daughters and arranged them systematically under the names of their Loyalist parents. The references in the Orders-in-Council generally provide, in the case of sons, the name of the petitioner, his place of residence, and the name of his father–the Loyalist through whom he claimed the land grant. In the case of daughters, the reference states the name of her husband, her place of residence, and the name of her father. Mr. Reid has also supplied, from additional sources, marriage dates, birth and death dates, and the names of wives of the sons of the Loyalists.


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