The Knights of England


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These outstanding volumes are available at the special price of $95.00 until 10/1/02 ($110.00 after 10/1/02). This is the standard reference work on the knights of England, Scotland, and Ireland, bearing reference to more than 10,000 historical personages. The work describes the ten official Orders of Knighthood, and with each Order, starting from the earliest time, the knights are listed in chronological order of succession, with details setting out the full name and title of the knight, beginning with the date of his appointment, and generally containing the exact date of installation, and date, place and cause of death. Other details include reasons for the appointment and civic or military positions held. The second volume comprises a chronological list of the largest Order–the Knights Bachelor–and contains over 7,000 entries. This is followed by a superb 253-page index in which all the knights referred to in the two volumes are listed alphabetically by family name, or, if they were sovereigns or princes of the Blood Royal, by title.


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