The Huguenots of Colonial South Carolina


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Professor Hirsch has written the classic account of the Huguenot settlement of South Carolina, which commenced in 1670. Genealogists will want to consult the work because it identifies all important Huguenot settlements in colonial South Carolina as well as eminent pioneers or families, such as Hector Berenger de Beaufain, George Baudoin, Chabociere, D’Harriette, DeSaussure, Gendron, Guignard, Huger, Legare, LeNoble, Manigault, Mazyck, Perroneau, Porcher, Prudhomme, Ravenel, and St. Juliens. Primarily a social and political history, “The Huguenots of Colonial South Carolina” also treats the European background of the Huguenots, early Huguenot churches in South Carolina, inter- and intra-religious and political conflict involving Huguenots, and French Protestant culture and industry. The author has added a special chapter on the Huguenot influence in Charleston (where by 1700 Huguenots constituted between one-tenth and one-fifth of the white population). Based on extensive research in U.S. and British repositories, the work also includes a bibliography, subject index, and appendices consisting of early documents pertaining to the founding of the Huguenot settlements.


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