The Dorsey Family


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The Dorsey family of Anne Arundel County is one of Maryland’s most illustrious families, and this volume traces its descent from Edward Darcy-Dorsey the immigrant (d. 1659) and his wife, Ann, through both the male and female lines, for five generations. Researched from original records at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore, the Hall of Records in Annapolis, and various other county record offices, this exemplary family history is the handiwork of three descendants of Edward the immigrant. True to their Dorsey antecedents, the authors have laid out in painstaking detail the descendants of Edward’s four children–Col. Edward (d. 1705), Joshua (d. 1688), John (d. 1714), and Sarah Dorsey Howard (d. before 1691)–each of whose lines is covered in a separate chapter. Also traced through several generations are the allied families of Nicholas Wyatt, Thomas Todd, John Elder, Matthew Howard, Robert Rockhould, and Captain John Norwood. Finally, all of the persons mentioned in the volume are easily found by means of the 5,000-name index at the back of the book.


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