Texas Cherokees, 1820-1839: A Document for Litigation (1921), by George W. Fields


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Prior to the forced migration of Eastern Cherokee during the “Trail of Tears,” several hundred tribesmen migrated to Texas in 1819.Despite negotiating in good faith with first the Spanish government and–following its war for independence–the leaders of Mexico, and ultimately the independent Republic of Texas, the Cherokee were ultimately driven off their Texas land in 1839. The details of the Cherokee experience in east Texas are described in a legal document filed on behalf of the CherokeeÔÇÖs descendants by attorney George W. Fields Jr. in 1921. Unpublished for over 80 years, the contents of Fields’ account of the Texas Cherokee experience from 1820-1839 has now been transcribed for publication, complete with affidavits and facsimile illustrations, by Mr. Jeff Bowen.


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