Shenandoah Valley Settlers


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This CD contains the imaged, indexed pages of the following four major reference books pertaining to early settlers of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley:

J.E. Norris’s “History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley Counties of Frederick, Berkeley, Jefferson and Clarke” accounts for the settlement and organization of the various towns, villages, and cities of the region, their settlers and early residents, notable events in their history, and more. The final third of the book, a full 250 pages, contains genealogies of hundreds of Valley families.

“Virginia Valley Records: Genealogical and Historical Materials of Rockingham County, Virginia and Related Regions,” by John W. Wayland, is a sourcebook of genealogical sketches and historical materials compiled from public records of the counties of Augusta, Greenbrier, Montgomery, Rockingham, and Wythe.

“Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants: A History of Frederick County, Virginia from Its Formation in 1738 to 1908,” by T. K. Cartmell, is an exhaustive regional history of the parent county of nine present-day Virginia or West Virginia counties and its founding families.”

“A History of the Valley of Virginia,” by Samuel Kercheval, concentrates on this region from 1732 through the Revolutionary War. References to Shenandoah pioneers and their families are spread throughout the volume.

“Shenandoah Valley Settlers/” which operates on the widely available Adobe Acrobat Platform, is fully searchable. With the Adobe Acrobat search engine, you will see at a glance all the names from all the volumes on the CD that match your search criteria. Just type in your search term, wait for the books to load into your computer’s memory, and you are on your way to tracing your Shenandoah Valley forebears.


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