Scots-Dutch Links in Europe and America, 1575-1825. Volume II


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In 2004 Scottish emigration expert Dr. David Dobson combed primary and secondary sources on both sides of the Atlantic in order to document the links between Scotland, the Netherlands, and America. The result was “Scots-Dutch Links in Europe and America, 1575-1825,” which provides over 2,000 separate references to this traffic. Now Dr. Dobson has assembled a second collection of Scots-Dutch links from primary and secondary sources. In each case, he states the individualÔÇÖs name, occupation (soldier, merchant, student, etc.), date of the reference, and the source. Marriage entries typically give the ScotÔÇÖs name and place of origin, those of his spouse, and sometimes the name(s) of parents, or more. In a few cases, the references are to Dutch persons who migrated in the opposite direction, lured by ScotlandÔÇÖs offer of full naturalization.


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