Revolutionary War Pension Records


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Of all the sources of genealogical information, probably none is more valuable or more interesting than military pension records–and with good reason. Since pensions were granted on the basis of applications which were supported by affidavits and documents substantiating proof of service, all of which were examined and passed upon by the War Department before being submitted to Congress for approval, they are clearly authoritative sources of information. Starting with the Revolutionary War, various acts of Congress authorized the granting of pensions for invalid claims or for military service, and pension rolls–or lists of veterans entitled to receive pensions– were frequently published as Congressional reports. All such reports published between 1792 and 1841, totaling twelve volumes and containing the names of approximately 120,000 pensioners, were reprinted by the Genealogical Publishing Company. Now, however, these invaluable pension rolls are available on a single Family Archive CD, complete with an electronic name index that enables you to locate the pensioner quickly and efficiently. No more hunting around in obscure and expensive publications! No more legwork!


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