Pocahontas, Alias Matoaka


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This work is the precursor to the new, consolidated volume on Pocahontas above. Chiefly a tabulation of names, although many dates of birth, marriage and death are given, this work traces the descendants of Pocahontas and John Rolfe through seven generations. Names covered include Alfriend, Archer, Bentley, Bernard, Bland, Bolling, Branch, Cabell, Catlett, Cary, Dandridge, Dixon, Douglas, Duval, Eldridge, Ellett, Ferguson, Field, Fleming, Gay, Gordon, Griffon, Grayson, Harrison, Hubard, Lewis, Logan, Markham, Meade, McRae, Murray, Page, Poythress, Randolph, Robertson, Skipwith, Stanard, Tazewell, Walke, West, and Whittle.


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