Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Facsimile Signatures, 1727-1775


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Pennsylvania German Pioneers is one of the grand works of American genealogy. The most complete collection of colonial passenger lists ever published, its two volumes contain all the original lists of persons who arrived in the port of Philadelphia between 1727 and 1808. What is not commonly known about Pennsylvania German Pioneers is that in its original incarnation, the work was published with a third volume of immigrant signature pages. In this volume Messrs Strassburger and Hinke went to considerable lengths to reproduce the requisite signatures that affirmed the oaths of allegiance taken by the immigrants themselves. The great value of the Facsimile Signatures volume, of course, is that it permits the researcher to make his/her own determinations of immigrant names, alongside those of the editors. It also enables persons who had previously purchased the two-volume transcription of Pennsylvania German Pioneers finally to possess the “missing” volume to the set.


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