Index to the 1810 Census of Kentucky


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This index to the 1810 census of Kentucky contains references to some 50,000 heads of households, showing the county of residence and the page number of the census schedule wherein full data on the household and its occupants may be found. The household heads are listed here in a single alphabetical sequence, thus eliminating the need for a tedious county by county search. The scope of the work is self-evident. It lists every head of household in every county in the state of Kentucky in the year 1810, i.e., everyone enumerated in the third federal census. As a special aid to research, the compiler has included a tabular listing of Kentucky counties, showing the abbreviations used in the index, the inclusive page numbers and the microfilm roll in which the complete enumerations of the county are to be found, and the aggregate population of each county in 1810. In short, this scrupulously compiled index is a model reference work.


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