Genealogies of Virginia Families from The William and Mary College Quarterly


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This CD contains images of all five volumes of “Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly” and the single volume of “Virginia Gleanings,” which had originally been published serially in “The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.” The five volumes offered here contain every family history article published in the Quarterly from 1892 to 1943, when genealogical contributions ceased. No fewer than 500 genealogies referencing over 100,000 individuals were published, and these, together with a substantial number of Bible records, appear in this CD in entirety, with an alphabetical index. Models of excellence, these genealogies are essential for any serious research in Virginia genealogy. Also included on this CD is Lothrop Withington’s “Virginia Gleanings,” which contains abstracts of 17th- and 18th-century English wills and administrations relating to Virginia and Virginians. Bearing reference to heirs and issue, family members, property, bequests, places of residence, and dates of emigration, the “gleanings” shed light on the English origins of thousands of early Virginians.

System Requirements: You must have a CD-ROM drive, and in order to read the CD you must use either the Family Archive Viewer (version 4.0 or higher), which is available as a free download at, or Family Tree Maker for Windows, version 4.0 or higher (Family Tree Maker software can be ordered from


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