Genealogies of Virginia Families from The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography


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This CD contains images of the pages of all five volumes of “Genealogies of Virginia Families” published originally by the Genealogical Publishing Company in 1981. The five volumes together contain all the family history articles that appeared in VMHB from its inception in 1893 to 1977. The articles document more than 300 families from all parts of the Old Dominion, and the majority trace lines of descent through seven or eight generations, with the data spanning a time period of two or three centuries or more and naming over 75,000 individuals. Family history articles from VMHB have always been in great demand, and for that reason they were originally gathered together, indexed, and reprinted in five large and relatively expensive volumes. They are now available on this CD-ROM disc at a fraction of the original price–and with the simplicity of a single index.


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