Genealogies of Virginia Families from the “Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.” Volume IV


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This is the fourth volume of a five-volume work consisting of Virginia genealogies from the “Virginia Magazine of History and Biography,” a notable periodical that contained a large number of genealogies that will be of help to the researcher. This volume consists of articles about the following main families in the alphabetical sequence Healy-Pryor: Healy, Herndon, Heth, Hill, Hoffman, Hooe, Hoxton, Hughes, Johnson, Lanier (with Anderson, Robertson, Jennings, Knight, Woodson), Lee, Lefebure, Le Grand, Lewis, Lightfoot, Lindsay, Ludlow, Mallory, Markham, Marshall, Maupin, Mauzey-Mauzy, Michaux, Micou, Minor, Moore, Mordecai, Morgan, Morriss-Wade, Morton, Moseley, Muse, New, Newsom (with Sheppard, Spencer, Crawford, Carter, Barham, Judkins, Thorpe), Newton, Opie, Parker, Payne, Pendleton, Peticolas, Pickett, Pleasants, Poindexter, Poythress, Presly, Proby, and Pryor.


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