Genealogies of Rhode Island Families


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This CD contains images of the pages of “Genealogies of Rhode Island Families,” a two-volume work published by GPC from articles originally published in the “Register.” It features many of the best genealogical articles of the past 140 years, and includes important contributions by leading 19th- and 20th-century genealogists, such as the formidable G. Andrews Moriarty. An interesting facet of this work is that it includes source records from at least fifteen early Rhode Island towns. Referencing some 46,000 individuals, the majority of the articles included in this Family Archive CD are composed of genealogies, vital records, and cemetery inscriptions. An informative introduction by Gary Boyd Roberts, one of the foremost authorities on New England genealogy, presents a comprehensive picture of the current state of Rhode Island genealogy. To facilitate searches, an alphabetical name index is included on the CD.


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