Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families


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This valuable two-volume set on Pennsylvania genealogy is composed of articles excerpted from “The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography.” It contains all but one of the family history articles (this appeared as a book in 1913) that were in the Magazine up to 1935 when genealogical contributions were discontinued. It also has every Bible record and genealogical fragment known to have been published in the Magazine since it started in 1877. So, in this one volume, the researcher has access to materials that appeared in nearly 200 issues of the Magazine, materials provided by some of the foremost names in American genealogy–Gilbert Cope, Thomas Glenn, Howard Jenkins, Charles H. Browning, Arthur Adams, and G. Andrews Moriarty. The family history articles have been excerpted in their entirety, uniting those with separate installments so that each article is complete in itself. Articles of a miscellaneous nature–Bible records and genealogical notes–have been put in an Appendix. Because of the size of this work–which has over sixty family histories and more that fifty items in the Appendix–the index has about 20,000 entries.


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