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In 1951 the DAR Magazine published “Genealogical Guide: Master Index of Genealogy in the Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, Volumes 1-84 (1892-1950).” In this instance more than forty members of the Elizabeth Benton Chapter of Kansas City, Missouri worked for months on the Guide. In all nearly 39,000 references evolved into an index of fifty-nine years of the DAR Magazine. Five years later, the same workers produced a supplementary volume extending the coverage of the Genealogical Guide to 1955. The Genealogical Guide and the Supplement are reproduced in their entirety in this new publication, complete with a new Introduction by the DAR’s distinguished librarian, Eric G. Grundset. In this one convenient book, the researcher now has access to all genealogical items that appeared in the first 89 volumes of the DAR Magazine.


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