English Origins of New England Families


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This Family Archive CD contains hundreds of articles that were originally published in “The New England Historical and Genealogical Register” and subsequently collected and reprinted by GPC in six volumes under the title “English Origins of New England Families.” Treating over 1,500 families and referencing 150,000 individuals, this work contains all the immigrant origin data published in the first 137 volumes of the prestigious “Register”. It is interesting to note that almost all living Americans with colonial Yankee forebears descend from several of the 1,500 immigrants covered in this work; what’s more, a sizable number of articles provide information on clusters of nearly-related individuals or on all settlers with a given surname. Most striking perhaps are the articles covering over 50 of the 125 New England immigrants for whom royal descent is now generally accepted. Other articles of note deal with Mayflower passengers, ancestors of large progenies, and clergymen


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