Early Georgia Settlers


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This Family Archive CD is composed of six books previously published by the Genealogical Publishing Company which identify the earliest settlers of Georgia. Based on census records, immigration records, and family histories, this CD is especially important because it covers a period of time prior to the keeping of official vital records, and it incorporates many of the earliest records pertaining to Georgia as both colony and state. Among the important record sources included here are the earliest surviving censuses for the state of Georgia–those of 1790 (actually reconstructed from tax lists, voters’ lists, etc.), 1820, and 1830. Also included is a comprehensive list of the first settlers of Georgia, who were sent to the area compliments of the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America, as well as a definitive list of the Germans of colonial Georgia prepared by Prof. George F. Jones, enumerating Salzburgers from Austria, Palatines from the southern Rhineland, Swabians from Ulm, and the Swiss. System Requirements: You must have a CD-ROM drive, and in order to read the CD you must use either the Family Archive Viewer (version 4.0 or higher), which is available as a free download at www.genealogical.com/content/dlfav6.html, or Family Tree Maker for Windows, version 4.0 or higher (Family Tree Maker software can be ordered from www.FamilyTreeMaker.com).


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