Early Families of Herkimer County, New York


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In 1723 a number of Palatine families were allowed to take up lands in the Mohawk Valley of New York. Between 1723 and 1755 the original Burnetsfield settlers were joined by other Palatine families, and by the time of the American Revolution the area was a prosperous, almost utopian, community. This book deals with the families established in the area before the Revolution, and detailed genealogies are given for the following families: Armstrong, Ayer, Barsh, Bashor, Baum, Bauman, Bell, Bellinger, Brodhack, Campbell, Christman, Clepsattle, Coens, Crim, Cunningham, Davis, DeMuth, Dockstader, Dornberger, Dygert, Eckler, Edick, Eysaman, Feller, Folts, Fox, Frank, Fulmer, Getman, Gray, Hager, Harter, Hartman, Helmer, Herkimer, Hess, Hilts, Hiser, Hockstatter, Hoyer, Huber, Kast, Kessler, Korsing, Lant, Leiper, Lentz, Lighthall, McGinnes, McKoom, Meyer, Miller, Moak, Orendorf, Osterhout, Petrie, Petry, Pfeiffer, Rasback, Richards, Riegal, Riema, Riemensneider, Ritter, Rosencrantz, Schell, Scherer, Schutt, Schuyler, Seghner, Shoemaker, Skinner, Small, Smith, Spohn, Stahring, Steele, Thumb, Weaver, Wentz, Witherstine, Witrig, and Wholeben.


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