Digested Summary and Alphabetical List of Private Claims


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This work contains the largest collection of private claims ever published, listing about 60,000 claims for compensation from the U.S. Government for the period 1789-1849. Many of the claims were for Revolutionary War service, such as invalid claims, and for War of 1812 and other military services, including compensation and indemnity for supplies and services. Other claims were for confirmation of title to land in Louisiana, Mississippi Territory, and Michigan; bounty lands in Illinois and Indiana; and for various services performed for the U.S. Government, such as transportation of the mail, delivery of hospital equipment, etc. The entries are arranged alphabetically by the name of the claimant, with information in tabular form such as nature of the claim, where presented, and action taken. Our publication is a reprint of the 1853 edition, which was printed as House Miscellaneous Documents, Series 653-655.


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