Derry-Londonderry: Gateway to a New World


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This book, or booklet, by genealogist and Irish emigration expert Brian Mitchell recounts the history of departures from the port of Derry-Londonderry from the late 17th century to the year 1939, when the last transatlantic steamer sailed from the port. The authorÔÇÖs brief narrative explains DerryÔÇÖs rise and ultimate decline as a port of embarkation, conveys century by century what persons utilized the port, traces the changes in emigration from the age of sail to the age of steam, and draws attention to individuals like composer Stephen FosterÔÇÖs great-grandfather, Alexander Foster, who sailed from Derry, and vessels like the Adam Lodge, which sailed from Derry to Australia. Highlighting the book are numerous illustrations that flesh out the Derry story, including passenger notices, sample passenger lists, pictures and photographs of actual vessels and passengers–some of them quite moving–maps, and more. Anyone who has an ancestor known to have sailed from Derry will appreciate having a copy of this book.


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