A Gazetteer of The States of Connecticut and Rhode-Island


Niles, J.M. & Pease, J.C. (1819). A Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut and Rhode-Island: Written with Care and Impartiality, from Original and Authentic Materials, Consisting of Two Parts. Hartford, CT: Marsh, W.S. From the Quintin Publications Collection.

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A Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut and Rhode Island. John C. Pease and John M. Niles. (1819). Consisting of Two Parts: I. A geographical and statistical description of such state; exhibiting a general view of their more prominent features, both natural and artificial. II. A general geographical view of each county, and a minute and ample topographical description and statistical view of each town, with their civil divisions, societies, cities, boroughs and villages, alphabetically arranged in their respective counties: together with succinct biographical notices of eminent deceased men. With an accurate and improved map of each state.


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